Friday, 4 December 2009

Global warming and climate change

Our topic this term is all about sustainability and the effects of carbon emissions on the planet.

We have been giving presentations about climate change and global warming.
Here are two of the powerpoint presentations, given by Magnus and Chloe.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Kayaking at the pool

We recently went to the pool to find out more about life in the Arctic and how important kayaks have been in Inuit culture. We found out for ourselves how boat skills were essential to survival without having to worry about Arctic temperatures.
We had great fun learning!

First we got to grips with moving the boat about.

These pool boats are much shorter than the sea kayaks the Inuit used.

Getting in from the water was tricky - but it could be done with a little practice!

Capsizing turned the boat upside down so we had to learn how to empty it safely.

Setting off for the hunt with spears, looking for walrus and seals.

Returning with the catch!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Our visit to Corrigall Farm Museum

Here is a short video of some of the things we did at Corrigall Farm Museum this term.

Our Trip To Waliwall

At Waliwall on Wednesday our class went Canadian caneoing with our teacher , Richard & Ron. Richard told us about canadian caneoing , life in the Hudson bay company & the Voyageurs. After we had to get ourselves into two groups of five and six. We then had to lift the boats into the water & get in.The first thing we had to do was to paddle into the middle of the water & turn two times round each way. We had to go hunting for rubber ducks and then trade for other goods.We thought it was a great experience and we worked hard in our teams.

Ruth & Chloe

When we went to Walliwall Quary to do Canadian canoeing it was great fun. First we got ourselves into teams and had to get the canoes into the water without getting our feet wet.!Next we had to set off to meet Richard and Ron in the middle of the water and go round in circles four times. When we had done our task there were rubber bath toys scattered about the water. We had to beat the other team by getting more of the toys which we traded for other goods at the trading post. we had to trade with Ron and after that we had to do it again but this time we had to trade with Richard.It was reallyfantastic...brilliant!
Julia and Roxy


When we went to Corrigall farm museum, we were in different Orkney toonship families. I was in the Rendall family. I was the daughter. My name was Katherine.In my family was me Roxy, Magnus, Robert, Ewan and Leanne. We also tried different activities, such as, lifting pails of water around the barn, cleaning the floor of the house, making the grain and then at the end we got to dance in the barn! That day I really enjoyed our trip to Corrigall. It was Fantastic!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Canadian Canoeing

We went Canadian Canoeing at Walliwall quarry. It was great fun. First we got our waterproofs and bouyancyaid on. Next we got into groups and went on the water. We paddled over to the instructors and did a spinning challenge. After that we learnt about the voyageurs who worked for the Hudson Bay Company. We went hunting and the plastic animals that we caught were traded in for goods e.g. blankets, guns and meat. Everyone had a great time and learnt or used different skills.
Jessica & Sadie

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ancestral links

This term we have been finding out about the shared ancestry of Orcadians and Cree people of the First Nations in Canada which can be traced back to the days when most of the men working for the Hudson Bay Company were from Orkney. Use the google map to zoom in and see where Kim Foden's relations live today.

Links with Canada

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Monday, 7 September 2009

Welcome to our p7r blog!

Here is the fab photo you posed for earlier today! Sorry Jessica. We will take another one when you come back from holiday.